The Cloggs Coffee Story

Cup of Cloggs Coffee

Cloggs Coffee shop was founded in 2003 as a family business by mother and daughter duo Anita and Lucy Medley. Cloggs Coffee was opened in an old converted clog factory in a small Yorkshire town, that’s where the name comes from! 13 years later Cloggs are still going strong and are providing the nation with the best roasted coffee beans available on the market. All of our coffee beans are hand roasted to order in Yorkshire.

Coffee Beans and a Cup of Cloggs Coffee

Soon after opening Cloggs Coffee Shop they realised that it was incredibly difficult to source good quality roasted coffee beans from the local area. Anita headed on a mission to build her own coffee brand that she could serve in Cloggs Coffee shop.

Cloggs Coffee Dark Logo

This is how Cloggs Coffee was born. The famous house blend was the first blend to be successfully created and has stood the test of time as it is still our most popular coffee today. It is a luxurious espresso blend made from the finest Brazilian, Colombian and Peruvian coffee beans.

Coffee Plantation

Soon Cloggs was importing coffee beans from all over the world and hand roasting them right here in Yorkshire. The locals flooded into the shop to taste the coffee that soon became the talk of the town.

Coffee Bean Farmers

Cloggs makes sure that all coffee is ethically sourced and the money that goes to the farmers, stays with the farmers to improve their quality of life and their communities. Our coffee tastes great but doesn’t leave a sour taste in the local coffee farming communities.

Ground Coffee Beans

Today Cloggs supplies many local cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels and sells roasted coffee beans to the public. We are always striving to improve and we value your feedback. We work with our customers in order to perfect our product and our service so please get in touch if you have any suggestions.