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Union Revelation Blend Coffee Whole Beans 200g


  • Hints of treacle, dark chocolate and cinnamon
  • Great Taste Award 2016
  • Fairly traded and hand roasted
  • 100% Arabica and 100% traceable
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Union Revelation Blend Coffee Whole Beans 200g

The signature espresso blend from the world famous Union Hand Roasted Coffee. This beautiful blend has origins in San Jeromino, Costa Rica – Liberacion, Guatemala – Gajah Mountain, aceh, Sumatra – Cocagi, Gashonga, Rwanda. All washed beans or washed and sun-dried bourbon and typica.

 Union House Blend

Served in high-end cafés across the country (and now in your kitchen). It’s a bold one, with hints of treacle, dark chocolate and cinnamon. Dark-roasted for a rich and naturally chocolaty and caramel finish. A complex blend of coffees from smallholder farmers.

Union Hand Roasted Coffee

Union don’t use computers when roasting their coffee beans. Everything is done by experts and by hand to ensure perfection throughout the roasting process.

About Union Coffee

  • Highest quality 100% Arabica coffee, completely traceable sourcing direct from origin
  • Fantastic range of hand-selected single estate and exclusive blends for all brewing methods e.g. espresso, filter, cafetiere, drippers
  • Blends are intuitively and exclusively crafted using their experience to produce a harmonious balance of natural but full flavours
  • Single estates offered are amongst the highest quality of the worlds Arabica harvest
  • All coffees artisan roasted in small batches by hand – not computer to ensure consistency of taste profile


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