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Wholesale Coffee Beans

Wholesale Coffee Beans – Cloggs Coffee is the ultimate high-end coffee bean supplier in the UK. We started life thirteen years ago in an old converted clog factory in West Yorkshire. We are proud of our Yorkshire roots and we strive to produce the best quality coffee beans in the UK.

When you are running a coffee shop or restaurant you need to know that your suppliers are going to provide top quality produce at a reasonable price and are going to be reliable every single time.

We ensure that the coffee beans, loose leaf tea and hot chocolate powder that we supply to your business tastes amazing, looks amazing and is delivered on time!

Coffee Shop Suppliers UK

We can supply as much or as little wholesale coffee beans, tea and hot choclate to your business as you need and we guarantee that the product you receive is at the absolute pinnacle of quality and freshness. Whether you run a coffee shop, a restaurant, a bar or a hotel chain your customers expect the very best coffee every single time.

We supply our Yorkshire roasted coffee beans to cafes and coffee shops, restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels across the UK.

We also sell handy little 250g bags of coffee beans and ground coffee to retail outlets such as farm shops and delis.

If you would like to receive a wholesale coffee beans price list please either contact us by email or telephone and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Private Label Coffee Beans UK

Are you looking to put your own brand on some amazing speciality coffee beans? We offer an own label solution where we roast different coffee blends and single origins and pack them under your on brand. We can provide artwork support and we provide the labels. To discuss private label coffee just get in touch.

Ethically sourced coffee, tea and hot chocolate

We are aware that more needs to be done by the big companies in relation to how farmers are treated and paid globally. We as a family run business are absolutely committed to making sure the farmers that supply us are treated well and are paid well for the work that they do.

We ensure that our coffee beans are ethically sourced and we have fair trade coffees, organic coffees and triple certified coffees which also have Rainforest Alliance accreditation. Our premium hot chocolate powder also carries the mark of the Rainforest Alliance.

Always fresh and never late

All wholesale coffee orders are freshly roasted and dispatched the same day. We do this to ensure our customers and therefore your customers are getting the very best version of our products.

Nobody wants to wait days on end every time they place an order with their suppliers. That’s why next day delivery is free on all wholesale orders and there is no minimum order requirement which makes it even easier for you.

We can provide free samples of any of our products on request and we know you’ll love them!

Whether you use an espresso machine, cafetiere, filter machine or anything else we can create a product that is tailor made just for you. Just get in touch and let us know your requirements.

Our prices are incredibly competitive considering the extremely high calibre of the coffee beans, loose leaf tea and hot chocolate powder that we make.

For all wholesale enquiries please either send us an email or you can contact us by telephone to discuss all things coffee.




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